Maltese have many talents, and we believe that innovation is one of them. We made a list of the top innovative companies in Malta (in no particular order). If you also have an innovative business just contact us and we will add you to the list!

1. ICE Malta

ICE Malta took teaching to a whole new level. They have been the most innovative teaching company for almost 5 years. They have been the first to introduce key concepts that made this institute a successful story. Now they also added “Live” sessions on Facebook where they share tips and other useful info about the industry, live!


2. Hotjar

The first one is definitely Hotjar. Hotjar is a new and easy way to truly understand your desktop and mobile site visitors. For those who are in the Digital Marketing industry, this tool is definitely a must use!

3. Shoreditch

Most probably this tool got you hungry for more, so the second innovative company is Shoreditch! There are thousands of restaurants in Malta, however these guys still managed to diversify by having very innovative plates, most of the most popular in Malta has to be the Kinder pancake. Keep it up lads!


4. Not Greedy

Another innovative company which is quite new, is Not Greedy. There are more than enough real estate companies in such a small island, however this company is not just like any other. NotGreedy is a property website which charges a small, fixed fee, instead of a huge, percentage-based commission – And they also put buyers and sellers more firmly in control of their time and resources!


5. AAT Research

AAT Research won top honours (in 2015) of the Malta Business Review’s Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, obtaining the judges’ majority scores for Malta’s Best Entrepreneurial Ideas Entrepreneur of the Year, Best Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year and the most prestigious Overall Best Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015.
The company’s innovative portable EEG device, which uses neuro feedback technology to help relax the minds of children with autism, enabling them to focus better and engage positively with their environment.


Malta Innovation Summit 2017

This year there will be the Malta Innovation Summit on the 13th of October 2017. This is Malta’s first conference specifically targeted towards nurturing innovation. A gathering for executives, educators, professionals, leaders, innovators, and CEOs who are constantly pushing innovation within their organisations. So if you are interested head to the Malta Innovation Summit website to get your tickets.