The Rotunda of Mosta, will begin a journey hoping that the Pope Francisco approve the title of Basilica, which title is given to large churches and ceremonial importance with special rights.

Rotunda of Mosta

Last year Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna has already given its approval to begin preparations, and now officially announced that the application for the title of Basilica is about to be submitted.

After the 15th of August of last year, the same Archbishop announced to start celebrating the feast of the Assumption of the Rotunda annually.


It was precisely after the homily of last year, the Archpriest Albert Buhagiar formally requested the permission of the Archbishop to begin the application process title Basilica, with Scicluna Archbishop approving.


As now one must wait for the process to see if the request for the title of basilica to the Rotunda of Mosta will be welcomed or not by the Pope, the Scicluna Archbishop invited those present to pray in hope that this prestigious title is given to Mosta people!