Here are some reasons why you should NOT visit Malta…

There aren’t any special fortifications in Malta…

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 11.46.51


Heritage? Nope.
Temples in Malta


Fireworks in Malta are just noisy!

Malta Fireworks


Only fish would love to swim here…

Golden Bay Malta


Gozo? Nah it’s not magnificent!

Gozo Malta


Just a rock …

Filfla Malta


Churches in Malta are too small…

Mgarr Church in Malta


Just another¬†Church with some building surrounding it…

Malta Church


Portomaso in Malta is just overrated…

Portomaso Marina


Nothing to do in winter, even visiting the Azure window (before it collapsed), there’s nothing special about it.

Gozo Malta


No culture what so ever.

Traditional Karettun Malta


Sunsets in Malta… boring!

Sunset in Malta

Another boring picture from Gozo!

Statue of Christ Gozo


So these were some reasons why you should NOT visit Malta! If you do not even know where is Malta, than you now just realised how much you are missing on!