Without any doubt, statistics show that most tourists coming to Malta are British. Because Brexit might change this, we wanted to document the typical type of British tourists that we can meet in Malta today, just in case they stop coming in 2 years time. So here you go chaps, these are the top 5 typical Brits that you might meet when in Malta…


1. The Ridiculously Tanned Girl

This is the red peppered girl, totally burnt but she insists on walking around in a bikini for the simple reason that she is on a holiday… Then she uploads a picture on Instagram and hash tag #sunkissed… (more like #sunshagged). By the way do not worry about her skin condition, she will be as white as an A4 paper in a couple of days.




2. The Beer Guy

This is the beer guy. As soon as he lands in Malta he will order a beer from the AirMalta pilot. He will not stop drinking until he lands back in his rainy country as then he will switch again to Twinings tea.


beer brit


3. The Football Guy

This guy can be found underneath the TV at Black Gold. Watching football while swearing (and drinking beer). Bringing his unique brand of football to European pitches, Football Guy constantly amazes his uneducated teammates with skills such as “kicking it really hard” and “getting stuck in”, before “collapsing from exhaustion”. He probably supports Liverpool so he is rarely happy…



4. The Gym Guy

This guy will walk around in sleeveless tops irrelevant of what season we are in. He will use every opportunity to show that he goes to the gym on a regular basis and his diet consist of vanilla protein shakes. This man has no time for sleeves, they just hold him back. Occasionally he can be seen with no shirt at all; for maximum aerodynamics, while walking along the Sliema promenade.




5. And of course – The Socks Guy

The traditional one. He simply love socks, irrelevant of the weather conditions, the occasion or what type of shoes he is wearing, the socks will always have a special place in his foot. The sandals normally have all round support to avoid any back pain. The colour scheme is also very vast as you can find these sandals in numerous shades of brown.


socks with sandles

Image source: www.telegraph.co.uk