Today, 8th March 2017, is the day we say goodbye to the Azure window. You can see this amazing landmark in many pages on our site (and below). This Azure window attracts thousands of tourists each year to Gozo.


azure window


The news was announced by the Prime Minister of Malta earlier today.

azure window collapsed



The funny thing is …

It’s a very sad news, but some people are giving this sad news some funny moments. For example someone just edited the Wikipedia page that explains everything about the Azure Window. Have a look below (click the image to open a larger screenshot) :


azure window wikipedia


The text says “The Azure Window collapsed on the morning of 8th March 2017 after a fish named Matty muscat or ‘Blueb’ bumped into the structure whilst trying to find his son nemo.” Not to mention the hundreds of memes that are going viral on Social Media!


Why Azure Window is so Famous

The Azure Window is (was) one of the most popular attractions in the Mediterranean for it’s natural beauty. In fact it also attracted various movies, i.e. if you want to see the natural attraction again, you can watch one of the following famous movies:

1. Clash of the Titans (1981)

2. The Odyssey (1997)

3. The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

4. Game of Thrones (2011)


Azure Window Alternatives

So now what? Where will all the tourists go? There is one potential alternative which can be found in “Wied il-Mielah”. Have a look below!


wied il mielah window


Altough what happened to the Azure Window was a natural ‘phenomenon’ we do hope that we take care of the Maltese heritage, both locals and tourists, to preserve our nature and leave as little footprint as possible.