This Christmas fulfil a dream … of someone in need! We all spend too much money on useless stuff (not just during the holiday season but all year round), on expensive presents, on plenty of lunches and dinners etc. This year, save some money to help children in need. How? There is this project, called the “Children’s Dreams”. It’s aim is to fulfil dreams of children whose families face various social difficulties, or children who are being raised in Children’s Homes, are collected and published on the project website.


The people behind this project are giving the opportunity to help the parents of these children to make their dream come true. This project is an independent initiative which is held in collaboration with the Foundation for Social Welfare Services and to which a lot of generous people have contributed; people who saw the chance to help these children to receive the Christmas gift of their dream. Without this project, these children’s dreams would probably remain only as “dreams”.


If you are interested in helping please visit Select the dream and leave your details so you can decide how you wish to fulfill it. Your details will only be provided to the social worker who would then get in touch with you by email or telephone. Confidentiality will be respected to protect all persons concerned.

The gift is to be taken to the Children’s Dreams Office, Hal Farrug, Luqa. Then Social Workers will be passing the gift to the parents / carers of the child to be given at Christmas.

This holiday season, avoid spending money on useless stuff, and help someone in need. If you are not able to help financially, help by spreading the word or maybe suggest this to your boss – let’s improve CSR!