Here is a traditional fisherman, sharing his passion for the job. The video is in Maltese however you should still have a look at it!

Is-Sajjied (documentary) from James Abdilla on Vimeo.

Current state of fishing in Malta

At a meeting held recently in Marsaxlokk, fishermen gathered information on the fishing industry as a preparation for the new period of European Fund programs for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (EMFF), which will cover the years 2014-2020. At the time being there are several laws that safeguard the sustainability of fishing in Malta. If you are interested in fishing during your stay in Malta, have a look at our Squid fishing guide.

We also suggest that you have a look at these guides –  fishing for dorados and fishing with poppers. Dorado fishing has been a tradition in Malta for a long time. On the other hand fishing with poppers is something relatively new that gained popularity recently along with other spinning techniques.